Yearly Mood Design Elegant

One sheet and 365 days of mood tracking. This easy, portable and hassle free mood tracker can be pinned up anywhere or even be kept in your journal. Make a note of your mood on a daily basis using color coding and see the pattern that emerges.
The Tender Curve’s yearly color mood tracker is designed for the ones with hectic lifestyle. Reflect on your day and color your mood in the box provided. Analyze the patterns and learn more about yourself. You can narrow down and track your mood tracker focusing on your morning mood or office mood etc.

Disclaimer: The following printable is a resource designed for people who are not yet aware which events, situations or experiences induces their mood. This printable can be used along with your medical treatment/ clinical treatment. We, in no way claim or assure that using the information can be a substitute to any kind of medical treatment, if any. If you are diagnosed with any kind of medical / clinical condition please do not avoid visiting a professional.


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How to fill color mood tracker?

  • Year: Write the year in the box provided on the top left and start tracking your mood straight away. eg: 2021.
  • Color mood board: In this board, use a color say yellow and write happy in the field next to it, similarly, use multiple colors to depict several phase of your mood upto 8 fields, e.g. sad, irritated, tired, sleepy etc.
  • Self-reflect and color your mood at the end of the day to get accurate tracking.
  • Please note that trackers can be downloaded from the download section of your account. Maximum 3 downloads per product per account are allowed.

Why use color mood tracker?

What are Elegant Trackers?

Elegant themed trackers are trackers designed to add a pop of neutral colors that are soothing for the eyes. Elegant theme is designed for you to focus on relaxation through color therapy, while filling your daily logs.

What are Minimal Trackers?

Minimal themed trackers are trackers true to point. With no design and minimal color, the trackers are designed to focus only on your thoughts while filling your daily logs.

Print Instructions:

  • Please note that trackers can be downloaded from the download section of your account. Maximum 3 downloads per product per account are allowed.
  • Print options: Regular paper works!
  • Print Size: A4 recommended
  • Steps: All of the files are in pdf below. Just hit the download button and proceed to pay. A link to download the pdf file will be shared with you on the registered email.
  • The default size of this download is A4. However, if you want smaller, simply reduce the print size! Print as many sheets you want to maintain a log.

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