Monthly Anxiety Trigger Elegant

You are your best guide for self-recovery, each time you are aware about what triggered, you become much closer to recovery. Note down the frequency with the date and time of your trigger and on a daily basis write a positive affirmation to help overcome negative thoughts.

The Tender Curve’s monthly anxiety trigger tracker is designed specifically to know the frequency of triggers. You may note the events that led to it in your personal diary. Choosing your own positive affirmation every morning and repeating it in loud and clear will imbibe a positive mindset as you as you start your day.

Disclaimer: The following printable is a resource designed for people who are not yet aware which events, situations or experiences induces their mood. This printable can be used along with your medical treatment/ clinical treatment. We, in no way claim or assure that using the information can be a substitute to any kind of medical treatment, if any. If you are diagnosed with any kind of medical / clinical condition please do not avoid visiting a professional.


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How to the monthly anxiety trigger tracker?

  • Month and Year: On every sheet before you begin, write the month and the year. eg: Jan/ 2021.
  • Dates: In the rows mentioning dates, write the time of trigger and mark the intensity of the trigger using the color that you have chosen.
  • Intensity: We have mentioned 4 intensity for the triggers – Calm, Little Anxious, Extremely Restless and Intense. Choose 4 colors and color code them in the box next to it and use the same colors to mark the intensity next to the date in the rows below.
  • Positive Affirmations: As soon as you start your day in the morning, write a positive affirmation that you connect with the most the same day. Make it a routine to write one positive affirmation daily, this can be, I am brave, I am proud of myself for getting this far, Life is beautiful and so on.

Why use monthly anxiety trigger tracker?

What are Elegant Trackers?

Elegant themed trackers are trackers designed to add a pop of neutral colors that are soothing for the eyes. Elegant theme is designed for you to focus on relaxation through color therapy, while filling your daily logs.

What are Minimal Trackers?

Minimal themed trackers are trackers true to point. With no design and minimal color, the trackers are designed to focus only on your thoughts while filling your daily logs.

Print Instructions:

  • Please note that trackers can be downloaded from the download section of your account. Maximum 3 downloads per product per account are allowed.
  • Print options: Regular paper works!
  • Print Size: A4 recommended
  • Steps: All of the files are in pdf below. Just hit the download button and proceed to pay. A link to download the pdf file will be shared with you on the registered email.
  • The default size of this download is A4. However, if you want smaller, simply reduce the print size! Print as many sheets you want to maintain a log.

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