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Delaying making important can cause a drag on your time for days, weeks, months, or even years. But, choosing well doesn’t always have to mean choosing slowly. With this tracker, set yourself up for decision-making success. Write down the best possible options, process the possible results while considering the pros and cons, and then make the right decision. 

Disclaimer: The following printable is a resource designed for people who are not yet aware which events, situations or experiences induce their mood. This printable can be used along with your medical treatment/ clinical treatment. We, in no way claim or assure that using the information can be a substitute to any kind of medical treatment, if any. If you are diagnosed with any kind of medical / clinical condition please do not avoid visiting a professional.


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I need to make a decision about: Write down the tough decision that has been troubling you. 

Things I need to consider: Points you need to consider before making the decision.

I need to make a decision by: The ultimate date by which you need to make the final move.

Priority: Set the urgency of the decision to be made. 

Options Available: Write down the 3 best options available to you.

Pros: Write down the positives of making that choice.

Cons:  Write down the negatives of making that choice.

Best Option: After processing everything, write down the best option out of 3.

Worst Option: Write down the worst option according to you. 

Intuitive conclusion: Note down the conclusion that you feel from your heart.

Rational conclusion: Write the conclusion that feels more logical to you. 

My final decision: The ultimate decision that you will make after weighing all possible options. You will have to take action once you write it down. 


We all have to make decisions all the time, ranging from trivial issues to life-changing
decisions. It can be very difficult and may put a lot of pressure on you. Indecisiveness can
also be a major cause of stress and demotivation.
But, when you lay down all the best possible options in front of you, consider their pros and
cons, making the right move become much easier and less stressful.
This tracker is designed to allow a well-structured decision-making process that helps by
identifying the negative and positives about a particular choice, that perhaps you hadn’t
thought about before.
Making the right decisions doesn’t have to be so complicated anymore.


Please note that trackers can be downloaded from the download section of your account. Maximum 3 downloads per product per account are allowed.

Print options: Regular paper works!

Print Size: A4 recommended

Steps: All of the files are in pdf below. Just hit the download button and proceed to pay. A link to download the pdf file will be shared with you on the registered email. You will also find the copies in the “downloads” section of your The Tender Curve account.

The default size of this download is A4. However, if you want smaller, simply reduce the print size! Print as many sheets you want to maintain a log.

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